Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas, People!

Hey crew,
Ho ho ho! :) I just love Christmas. Does that shock anyone? It really shouldn't. 

Here is a list of my favorites about Christmas:

-BIG hugs to arriving loved ones.

-The thought of prime rib for Christmas dinner.

-Knowing that we are fortunate to have a beautifully decorated home

-Going to church with the family, and singing. So much singing. 

-Pentatonix. Enough said. Watch and become bewitched here.

-Cats, all of the cats. Kiwi, Bixley, Luca and Cupcake gathered under one roof.

-Christmas-themed dishes, towels, socks, etc. 

-Being at home for an extended period of time, in leggings and a scarf. The whole time.

Please comment about how Christmas time is your favorite. 

Hugs, blessings and virtual cookies are being sent your way this week as we celebrate this magical season!

As always, the best is yet to come.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

July Life Update!

Hey crew,

Yahoo for summer! Yahoo for sunshine! 

During these beautiful, humid, smoldering hot days I have been forgetting all about my blog. I apologize! I know you're probably all anxiously awaiting my next post. Welp, here it is! :)

Here are a few bullet points on my life/current events:

-I moved! Yay me! I'm in a house now, living with a fabulous work friend. I love it! Attached garage is nice, probably one of my favorite features. I have a slight feeling I will appreciate this more in the winter months. 

-Cupcake is still doing swell. Her new favorite* toy is her walking harness. *Favorite=worst enemy in the whole universe. Check out this video of her first time experiencing this.

-Saving money is hard. Especially when there are so many fun and shiny things going on right now that I neeeeed to have. But I am still doing my best.

-lia sophia is great! Working hard to build my team and increasing overall sales. The NEW catalog is coming out in August, and I can't contain my excitement! Here is a video about my favorite part. If you're in the FM area and are free on Wednesday the 30th, let me know! We are having a giant debut party to check out the new styles.

-Yesterday I washed my car. Inside and out. And then swept the garage out. That was tough. I considered that my workout, since I missed Zumba! 

-The Black Eyed Peas are still one of my all-time favorite bands. Ever.

-Work is going well! Days are mooshing together in my mind... does that mean I spend too much time there? :) 

-Just got gel nails on Tuesday. They are fantastic! Hopefully they last for a long while. I am interested to see how they work out. I went with a coral color that is very summery and fun! 

I think that's everything for Taylor's world...does anyone have any comments/questions/concerns?! Please note that below if you'd like me address them. Or if you have a joke, please add that. 


Always believe, the best is yet to come! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Taylor's 23rd Year

6 days ago, I celebrated my 23rd birthday. I bet you're wondering if I'm excited or terrified about that!

This year, I vow to be as "Taylor" as I can. Weird, wacky and wonderful. Along with each of those adjectives, I have also plotted out 3 "sections" that are going to be my focus this year, I will share them with you now.

---Health & wellness.> I have had a lackluster attitude about this over the past few years. Time to put a stop to that, nonsense! Lately, I have been noticing that my body isn't as machine-like as I would like it to be. I get huffy and puffy when walking up the stairs, and my dryer keeps shrinking my clothes. So I am ENDING it now and vow to love my body and love it with some veggies. Along with physical wellness, I am also going to be feeding my spiritual appetite by spending more time in prayer and praise. This is of utmost importance. My physical body will only last me this lifetime, but my soul will last me for my eternal lifetime. Also, with this section, I will focus more on things that make me happy- gardening, blogging and reading.

---Financial & lifetime planning.> What does this mean?! Big, fancy words that tell everyone about how I will get heavily involved in the stock market this year. Except NOT. Not that at all. But what this means to me is to pay down debt and grow up savings. Simple. Also, I will focus more on maxing out my retirement accounts, saving for emergencies, and purchasing a vehicle. (Any vehicle suggestions, please comment on how awesome you think I would look in this car, I also really appreciate photos.) I know, I know... cars aren't a real investment (because they immediately depreciate when you drive away), but my car is slowly becoming a 200+ year old turtle with some respiratory and digestive issues. Lolz.

---Career & personal business.> Yes, I have a desire to be the best I can be. This applies to really all aspects of my 23-year-old self, but this year I'd like to see myself grow further. Learn more. I love my day job, it is the ideal position for me right now. I'd like to see where that can take me! In my personal business, I have noticed over the past year or so, that I am super passionate about impacting the lives of others. There is no greater feeling than helping someone bloom. Also, I freaking love to party! So I will keep doing that and increasing my parties per month little by little. Meeting people gives me energy and drive.

At 23, I am really all about maximizing the time that I have and making all three of these facets work together like a smoothly-running 23 year-old clock should. I'm going to have the BEST 23rd year of my whole life. That's a fact! I promise it to you. There is no use in going back to 22. I have already conquered that year. I've thrived. The real funny part about that is that there's no going back. Like seriously. No time machines in my refrigerator.  (Is that the most common place for a time machine, I'm not sure...?)

Please comment on how you think I could make my 23rd year the best. If you're older, please share one tip for each year older you are than me. (HAHA, just kidding!!) If you're younger, please apply some of your own self-improvements into the middle of your year. And also give me some pointers. We're never to old or young to offer a helping hand.

Thank you for reading. Feelings are fun.

Always remember, the best YEAR is yet to come!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Grandpa Earl

Last week we celebrated the life of my Grandpa Earl and his next step towards eternal paradise! It was a sad time filled with hugs and mourning. But as we all agree, it was with confidence that we believe his life was full and amazing. It was truly inspiring to hear the stories we shared on Thursday about his life and spirit. I also really appreciated seeing photos of him from all parts of his life. In my own mind, I can really only picture "one" Grampa Earl as the old and grandpa-type. He was a striking young man! Not only did he serve our country, and loved his community, he did it with a full heart of faith.

Never once have I stopped to think about how life ticks through the sacrament of marriage. But this week it has brought it to my attention. Gramma and Grampa were united in marriage for 64 years. 64 YEARS. That is longer than some people live. That is longer than most pairs of shoes last. That is almost 3 times my entire life. That means that for the last 64 years of their lives, they have dedicated themselves to each other. And for me, that means something more than words can explain. Grampa Earl and Gramma Vi are responsible for MANY fully-functional and fantastic human beings. 6 children, 16 grand children and 12 great-grand children. Of course, many many more to come. Their line of amazing genes and morals are being passed on. So don't you worry!!

Some of my fondest memories of being a youngster on their farm include playing in the yard, exploring different buildings and building forts. Playing with Barbies with cousins, doing flips on the couch (while losing teeth!), and eating Lucky Charms and goodies for breakfast. Smelling the sweet smell of coffee, cookies and treats during the day. Not only did we spend a ton of holidays there, I still remember looking forward to opening our hand-made woodworking gifts from Grampa. Each year he would make all the grand kids something! Cars, doll cradles, flags, wagons, dressers, and many more! I still have these treasures.
My heart would overflow with excitement, and it is so fun to look back on these memories.

I am more than blessed to have an amazing family, and I pray that one day we are all united again. We all miss you, Grampa Earl!

Always remember, the best is yet to come!

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Heart of Life

Did you know that it's already mid-February? I mean really, where DOES IT GO? The time sneaks away sometimes so quickly that it makes me sad that it didn't stay long to hang out. Sneaky, ninja time- stealing my live moments.

On to the important bloggy-stuff.

Did you know that about 90% of all small businesses fail within their first year?!??!?!

Those are tremendous odds. Stacked forever in your un-favor. Why do you suppose that is? Is it because of the lack of love and passion? Doubtful. Lack of financial understanding? Maybe. Overall lack of promotions and marketing? Possibly. High cost of living? Probs not. Then why? (For real, if someone can comment and tell me why, that would be amaze-ball-zing).

Did you know that when you vividly visualize a goal, you're more likely to achieve it?
Do it! Do it now! What is something that you've been striving for lately? Save a little more cash-o-la? Lose a couple extra belly-donut pounds? Win a gold Olympic medal? Well. The good news is, the more detailed your dreams are, the closer you are. Imagine you're trying to save up for a new dolphin. Imagine your feelings, overwhelming joy and excitement about this dolphin when you finally earn it! What will your facial expression look like? How will your insides feel? What will your life be like after this said dolphin?

Did you know that life revolves around the way you perceive it to happen? Life is just a series of events that are defined by your views. This is called a paradigm. These are the most powerful forces of all. It's more than a decision. It's more than an attitude-adjustment, it's a way of life. It's the tinted glasses we put on every day (figurative glasses), and it's a life-long commitment on which color we choose to see through daily.

I love blogs. Do you? I was recently re-inspired by my sister's blog, she fills me with immense joy. So I figured I could share the love.

Always believe, the best is yet to come!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Giving & Thanks

Happy Saturday!

What a great day. So many things in this life that are worth smiling about.
Here's some things that I'm grateful for:

-Cupcake the kitten loves the broom, it's adorable and encourages me to clean more frequently.
-Fresh, ice cold water.
-Wall decorations.
-NEW phone, thanks Nik :)
-Special boot socks.
-Air & trees.
-Mashed taters.
-Amazing deals online.
-Waves from strangers.
-Sewing machines.

What about the "giving" part about Thanksgiving? I have been giving this a lot of thought lately. What can we give to leave a mark that is going to be worthwhile? A check? Donate your things? Volunteer work? Or is it enough to just give yourself into the greater good of everything? To put yourself into everything with your whole heart, is that enough to satisfy your inner need to be generous? I am curious to know what others give, especially those who are strapped for cash and time.

Please comment, what are you thankful for? How do you intend to give during this beautiful and blessed season?

Always believe, the best is yet to come!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cupcake the Kitten

Well as some of you know, I have a new addition! A kitten addition! :) 

Her name is Cupcake, but sometimes I call her Cuppie, Cakers, ChiChi, CuppieChi, MuffCakes, Muffers, Miss Moomoo, MissyPoo, Tiddlywink, and many other variations.

Her favorite color is mandarin orange. Her favorite flavor of meat is beef. She loves her laser pointer. She is a frequent napper! She can't quite meow, it's more of a squeal. Her paws are so tiny and cute. She has the ability to climb the brick fireplace. She enjoys munching on paper. She might be allergic to socks... Her favorite place to hang out is on my arm. She loves her daddy, Nik, and likes to hang out on his shoulder and take naps and lick his beard. Not only does she love feathers, but she also loves the carpet. Her latest fascination is with helping me read books on my Kindle, her paws can make the screen do fun things. 

Last weekend, Cuppie and Bixley (her cousin) got to meet for the first time. It was SO adorable. Lucky little duckling got to hang out with Auntie Jenessa. Unfortunately, Bix is about 2 times her size and they had fun chewing on each other. Ahem, Bix had fun chewing on my love. Poor little dittles. But she did a great job in her new environment, from what I heard reported back from Auntie Nessa. 

All last week, Cakers and I took afternoon naps. Each nap/cuddle sesh would end in her licking my face and nibbling on my nose. What a great wake-up! Only 20-30 mins each is how long she could stay sleeping. Purring is her favorite, she does it the loudest when she's pet on her belly and chin. 

Here are some ADORABLE photos of Cupcake... 

^ She's so fluffy!!! It's hard to be cute. 

^ Very wise and peaceful as she sleeps.

^ A quick glance at her teeth. So small, yet so powerful...

^ Oh, wait. That's me dressed as a cat...

^ The paw of an angel. 

^ Cat nap! That beard DOES look so cuddly and fuzzy. Good idea, Cakers.