Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cupcake the Kitten

Well as some of you know, I have a new addition! A kitten addition! :) 

Her name is Cupcake, but sometimes I call her Cuppie, Cakers, ChiChi, CuppieChi, MuffCakes, Muffers, Miss Moomoo, MissyPoo, Tiddlywink, and many other variations.

Her favorite color is mandarin orange. Her favorite flavor of meat is beef. She loves her laser pointer. She is a frequent napper! She can't quite meow, it's more of a squeal. Her paws are so tiny and cute. She has the ability to climb the brick fireplace. She enjoys munching on paper. She might be allergic to socks... Her favorite place to hang out is on my arm. She loves her daddy, Nik, and likes to hang out on his shoulder and take naps and lick his beard. Not only does she love feathers, but she also loves the carpet. Her latest fascination is with helping me read books on my Kindle, her paws can make the screen do fun things. 

Last weekend, Cuppie and Bixley (her cousin) got to meet for the first time. It was SO adorable. Lucky little duckling got to hang out with Auntie Jenessa. Unfortunately, Bix is about 2 times her size and they had fun chewing on each other. Ahem, Bix had fun chewing on my love. Poor little dittles. But she did a great job in her new environment, from what I heard reported back from Auntie Nessa. 

All last week, Cakers and I took afternoon naps. Each nap/cuddle sesh would end in her licking my face and nibbling on my nose. What a great wake-up! Only 20-30 mins each is how long she could stay sleeping. Purring is her favorite, she does it the loudest when she's pet on her belly and chin. 

Here are some ADORABLE photos of Cupcake... 

^ She's so fluffy!!! It's hard to be cute. 

^ Very wise and peaceful as she sleeps.

^ A quick glance at her teeth. So small, yet so powerful...

^ Oh, wait. That's me dressed as a cat...

^ The paw of an angel. 

^ Cat nap! That beard DOES look so cuddly and fuzzy. Good idea, Cakers.

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  1. sooooo cute! I can't wait to meet my little grand-furbaby!!